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Rahul Srinivasan is an energy professional with deep international experience in renewables and energy access.  At the World Bank, Rahul manages Lighting Africa’s work on off-grid solar electrification of public institutions such as schools, health centers, and water wells.  He is also actively involved in various renewable energy projects (solar, geothermal) in Africa and Latin America.  Rahul is passionate about collaborating with government and private sector stakeholders towards driving reliable and affordable energy access and sustainable energy infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

Prior to joining the World Bank, Rahul worked in private sector energy consulting for 5 years as a Senior Engineer and Client Manager.  Subsequently, he graduated with a Master’s in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School in 2017.  He served as a Teaching Fellow on Energy Policy and Markets and was bestowed the prestigious Don.K. Price award for academic excellence and significant impact on the Harvard community.  Rahul has spoken on energy issues at various forums in Iceland, Malaysia, and Vienna and served as a panelist at the Harvard Business School Africa Conference and the Georgetown Africa Business Conference.