Access to reliable electricity in health facilities is an important enabler of quality, essential health services for women, children, and families, and is necessary to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal in both energy and health. Yet, it is estimated that tens of thousands of health facilities across low- and middle-income countries lack electricity and/or suffer from frequent and debilitating blackouts.

To help address this challenge, Sustainable Energy for All is helping build the evidence base and cooperation necessary to close the energy access gap in health facilities and advance progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

In support of the effort to improve access to quality, essential health care through universal electrification of health facilities by 2030, this website serves as a resource for those interested in the nexus of energy and health care, with a focus on knowledge-sharing and advocacy for access to energy in the health sector.

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Health Champions Stand up for Clean Energy

Doctors, midwives, nurses, and healthcare workers everywhere need access to reliable power to treat patients and save lives. Yet, it is estimated that tens of thousands of health facilities lack access to basic electricity. Solar energy offers an opportunity to reliably and sustainably power health care – from lighting a delivery room to refrigerating vaccines. That’s why health leaders everywhere are raising their voices: We can’t achieve universal health coverage without clean energy.

Hear from health and energy champions who attended the Clean Energy for Health Care conference in Nairobi, Kenya in April 2019.

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From Emergency to Recovery: How Solar Energy is Powering Puerto Rico

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